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About Me


Willy Wah, previously a primary school teacher and now have my own tuition class teaching Chinese Essays. Work part time as a writer, penang blogger.


  • 开始制作播客《寂寞教室》分享个人观点。
  • Created my own Podcast show “Lonely Classroom”.


  • 加入香港移动网络电台,并开始书写部落格《寂寞教室》,部落格内容以个人日记为主。
  • Joined Hong Kong Mobileradio ( Hong Kong Internet Radio Station) – Created my blog “Lonely Classroom”,  blog content were more on personal journals.


  • 制作第二个网络电台节目《挑灯夜谈》开始了书写美食介绍。
  • Started 2nd Podcast show which talk about ghost stories (挑灯夜 谈), also started food blogging.


  • 成为《亚洲博客聚2010》的筹委之一,也成为讲师,主讲《网络电台节目制作》
  • 部落格《挑灯夜谈》入围新加坡部落格大奖。
  • 受邀在大众书局分享《网络电台节目》,主讲有关网络电台节目制作。
  • 荣获《大马部落中文部落格大奖》的十博推荐奖。
  • Worked as an organizing committee for Asia Blog Fest 2010 in Penang.
  • My blog been nominated in Singapore Blog Awards.
  • Invited as a speaker at Popular Book Store to share about internet radio.


  • 《挑灯夜谈》再次入围新加坡部落格大奖。
  • 受邀参与 Penang Budget Traveler Tour。
  • 受邀参与 Penang Spooky Tour, 并主持spooky tour短片
  • 受邀参与拍摄 eTV 易电视《槟城有够力》开播集辩论会
  • 受邀担任eTV 易电视《槟城有够力》主持甄选陪审团
  • Continue my passion on writing food & travel, organizing food review
  • My blog been nominated in Singapore Blog Awards for 2nd time.
  • Participated in Penang Budget Traveler Tour


  • 荣获新加坡部落格大奖《最不可思议部落格》,得奖者获得澳门旅游局赞助参与澳门旅游。
  • 接受《光华日报》采访
  • 为《光华日报》撰写《真人鬼事》5期,也为OMY.sg制作了5集特备鬼故事网络节目。
  • 制作全新播客《叮的玲》
  • 受邀Omy.sg 成为SBA Frenz 博客,并为该网页提供内容。
  • 参与大马槟城旅游局策划《槟城咖啡之旅》和《槟城香料之旅》
  • 获得柬埔寨赞助参加《柬埔寨亚洲博客聚2012》
  • 荣获《光华日报》的 杰出飞跃校园记者奖


  •  Won in Singapore Blog Awards 2012.
  • Produced 3rd Podcast show ( Ding Da Ling and Ding Da Loceng), its  a comedy podcasts which we discuss funny topics, local issues and etc.
  • been invited by Omy.sg (Singapore online media) to become SBA Frenz blogger to contribute my blogpost on their website.
  • Interviewed by Kwong Wah Yit Poh regarding SBA award 2012.
  • Working with Penang Tourism (federal gov) to plan out Indulgence Coffee Tour and Hot and Spicy Tour.
  • Sponsored trip to cambodia to take part in Cambodia Asia Blog Fest 2012.


  • 第二次荣获新加坡部落格大奖《最不可思议部落格》奖项,得奖者荣获澳洲旅游局赞助参与澳洲北内陆地区旅游。
  • 加入Open Sky Radio 三藩市网络电台。


  •  Won 2nd time in Singapore Blog Awards and a sponsored trip by Northern Territory of Australia.
  •  Joined Open Sky Radio ( internet radio station based in San Francisco.


  • 参与NTV7 《爱食客》成为嘉宾主持
  • 香港之旅受邀上香港新城电台《恐怖热线》,香港知名网络节目《恐怖在线》,香港国际自由行网络节目《ITA游记》
  • 为推广槟城旅游,自行与Kelly 《梦想成真部落格》搭档主持 《畅游槟城》,并获得HaoWay白咖喱面荣誉赞助,同时也获得 E&O,Rasa Sayang,Hard Rock Hotel,Macalister Mansion的鼎力支持。
  • 登上《光华日报》有故事的人版
  • 出版个人鬼故事集《不要在学校看鬼故事》
  • 获得Syok Hostel 赞助,主办个人及畅游槟城分享会
  • 获西安旅游局部分赞助。
  • 《风采》大马最畅销中文杂志采访有关西安旅游。
  • 受超大志邀约为其杂志撰写《槟城特色酒店》


  • Became a co host on NTV7‘s production 《爱食客》 for one episode, introducing Butterworth food.
  • Been invited as a special guest on a show of Hong Kong internet radio 《恐怖在线》,Hong Kong Metroradio Radio Station 《恐怖热线》and Hong Kong International Traveler Association travel show 《ITA 游记》。
  • Producing a brand new podcasts which promotes Penang tourism 《畅游槟城》 Let’s go to Penang,main sponsered by HaoWay white curry instant noodle, other sponsor: E&O, Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa, Hard Rock Hotel, Macalister Mansion.
  • Released a ghost story book 《不要在学校看鬼故事》.
  • 1st Willy Wah’s and Let’s go to Penang Sharing Event at Syok Hostel, presented by Syok Hostel.
  • Writing article for Johor Super Mag.


  • 受邀出席新加坡 Mig Up Event。
  • Asia361.com 采访,登上 Asia Top Blogger 版
  • 制作《畅游槟城》youtube 版。
  • 受 Penang Green Council 委托为由槟州政府举办的 Penang Green Carvinal做网络宣传。
  • 为《超大志》撰写《极乐寺灯海》,《西安旅游》,《米其林餐厅之旅》,《瓜拉牛拉之旅》
  • 受《光明日报》采访《米其林之旅》。
  • 受《中国报》采访有关鬼故事创作。
  • 参与《用音乐说故事》音乐会,予Penang Pac 献唱三首创作歌曲,并登上个大中文报章。
  • 为《吃风》杂志撰写本地旅游一篇
  • 《不要在学校看鬼故事》曾在大众书局文学类书籍排行榜登上第7的位置。2000本售罄,予年尾再版。
  • 上广州汽车音乐台的《1027好味道》。
  • 为《光华日报》的飞跃校园版撰写6篇全新鬼故事。


  • Been invited as an international blogger to join Mig up Singapore event.
  • Producing Video Podcast 《畅游槟城》.
  • Interviewed by Asia361.com and been crowned as Asia Top Blogger.
  • Working with Penang Green Council to promote Penang Green Carnival on the internet.
  • Writer for Super Mag.
  • Interviewed by Guang Ming Daily about Tour of Michelin Restaurant in HK.
  • Interviewed by China Press about ghost story writing.
  • Be a singer in the Meet the Composer musical event and been interviewed by all chinese press.
  • Contributing article for Let’s Travel magazine.
  • My ghost story book been selling good, and will have 2nd publish at the end of this year.
  • Interview by Guang Zhou Radio Station FM 102.7.


  • 受虎航邀请参加无锡之旅
  • 担任Green Carnival 绿色小厨神嘉宾主持
  • 与著名导演高志森及邓丽君舞台剧女主角焦媛进行采访
  • 被选为东方日报U玩食严选博客
  • 东方日报个人固定专栏<饮食杂谈>

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  • 八月 19, 2019 at 5:09 下午

    Hi willywah,
    Hello from Tourism Malaysia!
    We like to forward u an invitation for Media FAM TRIP throughout Labuan in conjunction with Borneo Arts Fest from 26-30th Septembr 2019.

    All full board, flight route from KUL-Labuan-Kul.

    If this might caught u an interest, please drop an email/whatapp me & we’ll email the details.

    Have gud day.

    Media Unit, Tourism Malaysia



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