The ASEAN Blogfest 2013

Well, I have just received an Email few weeks ago telling me that ASEAN Blogfest is going to held in Indonesia this year on May 10th. It’s a great news for me because I really wish I can participating in such a big event, especially this is where I can learn for more to improve myself.

Remember I was one of the organizing team member of Asia Blogfest2010 Penang, I can understand how hard and difficult to organize a big event like this, that’s is why I always appreciate the hard work from the organizing committee.

 I was the person who in charged for registration, I was so busy when the day came. Suddenly bcame “kelam kabut”.

I have been blogging and producing podcast for more than 6 years, it is time for me to enhance myself by joining more blogger activities to open up my mind, to find more ideas and to know more people.

 Singapore Blog Award 2010 was the 1st blogger activity I joined and found new friends from Singapore and other counties.

Thus, there are still lag of exposure for most of the mandarin bloggers, so I wish I can learn something from the blogfest and bring back the knowledge to my hometown and share with all my fellow friends. Who knows someday I can organize a local blogfest for the mandarin blogger community which can benefits all the mandarin bloggers? But in the very 1st place, it is important for me to gain more experience, to observe more and to study more. I believe the ASEAN blogfest is a great opportunity for me to learn from the experts.

the unforgettable….. sharing blogging experience with the bloggers from different countries in Cambodia blogfest2012
 Oh yeah, the 2 pretty Indonesian bloggers… met them in blogfest2012.

Besides that, the touring part quite attracts me. I have been contributing for Project Penang (built by a group of bloggers to promote tourism of Penang), this is also a chance for me to study how the ASEAN blogfest organizing the tour for the bloggers. It is great to study the different way of promoting culture and tourism by other country.

 with the collaboration of Ministry Of Tourism Malaysia(Penang), we designed a few special tour such as Coffee indulgence, Hot n Spicy tour which promote Penang tourism from different angle.

Conclusion,joining ASEAN blogfest is not only for myself, but what I wish is to bring back my experience and the knowledge to the my hometown’s bloggers, and to provide and share more ideas to the local blogger community.

So, I wish the next post of ASEAN blogfest2013, I will be sharing photos from Indonesia. Wish me good luck! haha

What do you think about bloggers in ASEAN should do for the coming ASEAN Community 2015?

Blogging is more than just merely expressing one’s thoughts about things and earning money. It is also about responsibility. There are many ways ASEAN bloggers can contribute to a better blogging community. Bloggers bonding together for a better world.

As bloggers we should be very conscious about what we share and how we share it. Remember the pen in our case the keyboard is mightier than the sword. We need to make sure we are sharing the correct information, refrain from spreading rumors and seeding fear into people by giving them incorrect information.

Especially blogging about different countries we have a civic responsibility toward each other to not spread nasty and incorrect information about other ASEAN countries.

Sharing is also an important factor, sharing with each other and helping, between bloggers will forge a stronger bond and relationship between our ASEAN countries.
Together let us also give back to each other’s society. Learn to blog with compassion, develop our understanding of each other’s countries. That is the strength and direction ASEAN bloggers and together we will create a better ASEAN Community 2015.


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